HP MicroServer N36L replacement power supply (PSU)

Came home to find the HP MicroServer was powered down last week and panicked! Turns out on further testing the power supply had decided to pack up. Not bad for 2 and a half years, running as a lab environment, 6 HDDs, PCI-E HD Graphics card and running as home entertainment system! As you can imagine, getting the PSU or ordering a replacement server was high priority. Though seeing as the HP MicroServer cashback offer has stopped led me to source a PSU.

Seeing as these MicroServer are popular as HTPC, storage, virtual environments for labbing etc, I gathered others may benefit from this post.

Now, finding a replacement wasn’t easy or looking to be cheap. The official HP part number 620827-001 was showing about £98.57 on the HP parts store – ouch!

So, after much research I come across the site LinITX which sell 1U PSUs and cheap. I first come across this when reading others were using a PicoPSU and a power brick – this seemed to pricey for me £50+ though does offer less noise.

I emailed the guys over at LinITX as I was worried about fitting etc and wanted to be reassured I could send back if any problems, yes I could’ve sent back under the distance selling regulation act but couldn’t be dealing with the hassle, much politer to just ask. Thumbs up to LinITX.

I opted for the FSP 150W 1U Compact Power Supply – FSP150-50GUB which as of this blog post is £27 + P&P – comes to about £30.96 – I selected normal royal mail and received the next day! does say up to 2 days.

The PSU fitted without any issues and the 24 pin connector easily fits, the SATA parts can be a stretch if using additional hard-drives in the top bay, though if required you could extend these. Mine just about fit.

You will need to buy an adapter to convert the SATA power to Molex for the drive bay as the one molex provided isn’t enough, I went for for a molex 4-way splitter. I bought mine from Maplin as I wasn’t sure on cable length.

The PSU is nosier than the HP one, but if you want a cheap solution and don’t want to go down the PicoPSU route this will do fine.

Overall, a cheap good alternative! This should work for other models such as the N40L.

A pic of the PSU and adapter, excuse the poor quality – I had both replacement PSU and Nexus 7 (2013) turn up so was in a rush to play with the new toy!CameraZOOM-20130828195021637


  • Ad

    Did this recently aswell as my PSU started to become noisy and also changed the rear fan to a manual control one, all seems to be working spot on

  • Michael

    your a diamond Geezer Chris Stark for posting this, I have an N40L Microserver which power supply has also blown, and if this works you would have saved me a lot of mony, so Thumbs up to you ……& by the way, any relation to Tony Stark ?
    Regards Mike

  • Kyle

    Much appreciate this post. It put me on the correct track for replacing the blown PSU in my N40L.

  • Colin

    Thanks for sharing your story on finding a suitable replacement without spending A$200 on a replacement! I’d nearly given up on my N36L!

    Thanks again!

  • Steve

    Also spotted your post on the hunt for a N36L supply – I grabbed a FSP150-50GUB from Scan.co.uk which was a little cheaper (linitx have raised price) , particularly if you have avforums free shipping: £25.38 (£30.86 if you don’t).

    Many thanks for sharing, works perfectly so far, couldn’t live without my N36L…

  • nnyan

    If anyone is in the states I have ordered this: http://www.atxpowersupplies.com/250-watt-flex-atx-power-supply-FLEX-200W.php should get it in a few days then I can post my experiences with it.

    • nnyan

      received my PSU and it fix fine, needed two molex splitters and everything booted up fine.

  • weird_fish

    Has anyone worked out what actually fails in these PSU’s? I’ve pulled mine apart and all the Cap’s look OK. I’d love to be able to repair rather than replace… seems such a waste 🙁

  • Mark

    Many thanks for this blog post, very useful indeed, my HP N36L PSU went pop about an hour ago after three years of 24/7 service.

  • Paul Roberts

    Thanks for posting, my N40L kept giving me the orange light and would only stay up for an hour or two before shutting down again, it seemed to be temperature related as it wouldn’t happen as much when the weather was cooler. Anyway I have just fitted one of these PSU’s to my N40L and it all seems to be working okay at the moment. I had to use a molex splitter like you mentioned to give me 4 x connectors for the backplane, and I have a SATA drive in the top where the DVD drive normally goes and the SATA connector just about reaches.