Open University Student IT Tips & Deals

Last updated 24/09/2014

I have been with the Open University now for a few years studying Computing & IT and Business and thought I would give my views on some good IT tips students can take advantage of to ensure their work is secure and backed up.


Spotify is a great way to listen to music when studying and on the go, allows you to listen on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows smart phone and Windows. Get yourself an NUS card for around £12 a year (as of posting) and save 50% of a yearly subscription on Spotify – saving of £60 (£48 if you include the NUS). If you already have a subscription paying the full price, I believe you can still get the offer, if not just cancel and re-sub.

Microsoft Office 365

Use your email address and get Microsoft Office 365 this includes Word, Excel , Onenote, PowerPoint etc for £59.99 for 4 years! this includes 1TB of storage to easily store your important TMAs in the cloud all backed up! If you already have an Office 365 subscription, this will stack.

Amazon Prime

Get a 6 month free trial and then 50% of – cost £39. This will give you next day delivery for free for 6 months! You also get some other cool stuff such as unlimited streaming of movies and some free kindle books (after the 6 month trial). You can cancel online and at any point.


For those  a little geeky you can use LastPass which is an online password keeper to keep your passwords securely backed up. This runs on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows smart phone and Windows and is free for 6 months using your email (will give you 6 months free if you already have a subscription).


Evernote is a free note taking app for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows smart phone and Windows. It stores all your notes in the cloud, meaning you can easily access your notes from any device and everything is backed up. I use Evernote daily for pretty much everything.

Feel free to to add comments with any other deals and I’ll add them to the post. 🙂