Outlook.com Android configuration (Exchange)

Since the new Outlook.com has been launched, though still in beta. I have been considering moving from Google Apps to this. Mean reason being, I have a 25GB SkyDrive limit which I’m fully using and seem to prefer SkyDrive to Google Documents and I really like the new Outlook.com interface.

You can configure Outlook.com as an Exchange mail account on Android. To do this fire up the mail app and add a new account.

Enter in your full outlook.com email “user@outook.com” or if you’re using a personal domain via outlook use “user@domain.com” and your password. When asked what type of account this is, choose Exchange.

For domain/username enter in your full email address, enter in your password and for server change from Outlook.com to snt-m.hotmail.com and click next and follow the remaining steps (naming account etc).

So that’s emails via outlook.com delivered to your phone and contacts should also appear in the contacts app via Android.

To export emails if you’re using Google Apps, I found using Thunderbird with IMAP to grab the emails and easy way to do so.

To recap:

Domain/user: user@outlook.com or user@domain.com
Password: “Your password”
Server: snt-m.hotmail.com