Eddie Selfie

2019, What A Year!

Happy New Year!

2019 was an awesome year! I became a dad after my incredible partner gave birth to our son. Eddie your mum has just been amazing, without her we would both be stuffed.

This has really changed my perspective on life, I want to succeed even more and obtain a good work-life balance to be able to provide and enjoy time with my family. It has also made me appreciate even more everything my mum sacrificed in bringing me up. Mum if you are reading this I love you lots and thank you for everything you did.

Here is the little diva taking a selfie on new years eve:

Eddie Selfie











So what was achieved in 2019?

What did not go too well?

  • Losing weight – gained than lost. With everything I have learnt through the process, 2020 is where this needs to count.

  • Self-doubt and questioning everything I do trying to be ‘perfect’ or ‘always having the answer’ this has wasted so much time.

  • Reading fiction books – I fail this every year, I believe the issue here is I never get pulled into the story as racing thoughts enter and things I need to do. Recently I realised this and I have been working on shutting out the noise.

  • Spending – Invested too heavily into the games room and now with the little one here its really a kick in the teeth when you want the latest gadgets 🙈

Too many McDonald’s breakfasts as well (after the boot fairs for retro games) – no wonder I did not lose weight! 

What’s in store for 2020:

  • Getting married! – Christmas wedding! Real snow would be awesome! fingers crossed.

  • Family time and watching the little dude grow!

  • Securing all devices and accounts so the little one cannot ‘accidentally’ making me bankrupt, whilst ensuring it is not a complete pain in the arse to unlock them! Future blog post maybe!

  • More focus on programming and automating as much as my life as possible so I have enough time to enjoy what matters in life!

    • Check out my Home Assistant Github page where I have been automating things around the house. One baby tip – Night light + White Noise set up as a ‘Good night routine’ (works for both me and my partner) using Google Home and Hue lights have simply been amazing and improved our sleep! I’m sure the same can be achieved with Alexa.

  • To try and find my love for books………

I wish you all the very best in 2020 and the century ahead!