Citrix XenDesktop + Default printers not sticking

I had an issue whereby default printers were not sticking. Every time a user set a default printer and then re-logged in the printer would revert back.

Took me a while to find the cause, as I was either RDPing or using the vSphere client to troubleshoot and not via the Citrix client.

Turns out, there’s a policy (bear in mind I’m new to Citrix) that allows Citrix XenDesktop to control default printers. Turned this off, and BOOM! the default printers stayed.

To change the policy, open Desktop Studio.

Navigate to the users policy:


Within the Users policies you will see the policies you’ve. In this example mine is called “Unfiltered” select this and then Edit.


Click on settings and then scroll to “Printing” on the right next to Default printer click add.XenPrinter4Here is the default policy:


We don’t want Citrix to change the printer therefore change to “Do not adjust the users default printer”.


Click ok. Citrix will let you know its updating the policy.


You can double check the policy is applied by editing and verifying it has been added.