Trend Deep Security – Anti-Malware Engine Offline – vSphere Environment

So been trying to troubleshoot the above error “Anti-Malware Engine Offline” and been having a hard time doing so. I have experienced three different things causing this; vShield drivers missing, incorrect DNS and virtual machines going to sleep/standby.

 The error will flag up within deep security as:

Anti-Malware Engine Offline

With the details as “The Anti-Malware Engine is not responding. Please ensure that it has been installed correctly”.

Anti-Malware error details

A few things to check:

  1. First ensure the DSVA is running and is sitting on the correct host as the virtual machine.
  2. Ensure vShield drivers are installed correctly on the virtual machine – see my post here.
  3. Check DNS is correct on the virtual machine and it can see the DSVA and trend management console.
  4. If the virtual machines goes into sleep mode/standby, this may flag the error up.