The first London VMUG for the year kicked off on Thursday 19th January 2017 at Tech UK.

This is my fourth year of attending the VMUGS and they keep getting better and better!

The schedule was:

The event started off with Byron Berrisford one of the sponsors from Rubrik talking about backup complexity and how Rubrik can span multiple clouds using a software fabric.

Next was the cool Paul Nothard from VMware giving us an insight into what is new in VMware vSphere 6.5. I especially liked that the web interface is much better, Update Manager is included in the VCSA, VM encryption and actionable logging.

I then attended Alex Galbraith and Chris Porter‘s session on AWS for Beginners, giving some excellent tips on Amazon AWS and material for the AWS certifications. AWS is on my cool tech to learn list.


After lunch, I stayed in the lobby area catching up with a previous work colleague Lloyd Clarke and doing some networking with others in the area.

The next session was with Ricky El-Qasem explaining what PaaS is and talking about Cloud Foundry. Ricky’s session was packed with lots and lots and lots and lots of information! Ricky should have a whole event to himself, this guy has a lot of useful information and experience to share.

Overall the event was superb, packed full of useful information, good to catch up with existing VMUGGERS and networking with new people.

Slides will be available here (when uploaded by the team):

Future London VMUG dates to note in the diary:

The UK VMUG is on the 16th November at the Motorcycle National Museum, near Birmingham. I’ve never been to a UK VMUG… hope this to be my first, work commitments permitting.

To find out more about the London VMUG, follow @LonVMUG on Twitter.

It was good to meet the following new people after the VMUG at The Old Bank of England pub:

** edit – I forgot to mention, it’s always cool to meet people you tweet for ages, but have never met… I happened to see a tweet of the coffee machine by Gary Williams and quickly sprung into action to finally meet him! It was good finally meeting you Gary, hope to see you at more VMUGs!

I’m hoping to be attending the London VMUG on June 22nd. Hope to see some of you there!