Surface Pro (1st gen) not sleeping since Windows 10 upgrade

I started noticing my Surface Pro (1st gen) was not going to sleep since the upgrade to Windows 10 and was draining my battery. I checked many power options, but found the Surface Type Cover Filter Device Driver was missing.

Note: I am using a Surface Type Cover and not a Surface Touch Cover. If you have a Surface Touch Cover and having issues with the device not sleeping, it may be worth trying this, though do so with caution!

To check whether this could be your problem, open the Device Manager (on the Start menu search for Device Manager) and under Keyboards you are looking for: “Surface Type Cover Filter Device” or “Surface Touch Cover Filter Device”.


If you see the device, open the device and check whether if “Allow this device to wake the computer” is ticked under Power Management, if so untick and see whether this fixes your issue. If you do not have the “Surface Type Cover Filter Device”or “Surface Touch Cover Filter Device” and have a Surface with a Type cover, continue reading.

Surface Type Cover Filter Device
Under Universal Serial Bus controllers via Device Manager look for USB Root Hub, there are a few.

USB Controllers

Open the first USB Root Hub, open details and then select Device Instance path from the drop down and see if it reads “USB\ROOT_HUB20\4&2054784c&0” (Note: This is for a Type Cover, I am not sure what the device instance of a Touch Cover is) if not move to the next USB Root Hub until found. Once found right click on the USB Root Hub and click uninstall. If you are using the Surface Type Cover as your main keyboard, you will need to force a restart as this should have stopped working (due to the removal of the driver).

USB Root Hub

Once the Surface has restarted, head back to the Device Manager and under Keyboards you are looking for “Surface Type Cover Filter Device” open this, click Power Management and untick “Allow this device to wake the computer”.

Your Surface should hopefully no longer wake up unexpectedly, this does mean you need to use the power button to wake the device, for myself this a small sacrifice to make than coming back to a drained battery.

I have seen under some cases that the HID Keyboard Device under Keyboards in the Device Manager may also need to be removed following the removal of the USB Root Hub driver.