Laser Eye Surgery – My Experience with Optimax, Maidstone (29/11/2013)

A little over a year ago, on the 29th of November 2013, I underwent Laser Eye Surgery at Optimax based in Maidstone. I’m glad to say a year later I still have my eyesight and don’t regret the decision at all.

I had an astigmatism, my readings before surgery were:

Left eye:

Sphere: -0.25 | Cylinder: -3.75

Right eye:

Sphere: 0.25 | Cylinder: -2.75

I don’t have my readings after the surgery, I do however know I now have 20/20 vision following the procedure.

The procedure I had done was: Wavefront Designed LASIK IntraLase. I opt’d for this over the cheaper ones due to wanting the quickest recovery time and the best possible outcome. If I was to take 5 days off it would’ve equated to the same difference in price for the shorter recovery and therefore saving my holiday, I guess this depends on what you value more.

The staff and surgeon (Dr Amir Mani) was brilliant and answered all my questions, ran through the tests and ensured everything was ok prior to surgery.

The surgery itself was fine, I got some diazepam from my local GP and took this beforehand and this calmed me down, do speak to the surgeon before hand to ask when’s best to take, as you don’t want to take this too soon and have it wearing off.

The process was pain free, just a little discomfort after the surgery, light being the main issue. I was told that during the procedure I have really sensitive eye, this would explain why they kept pouring loads of eye drops during the procedure!

The healing process was smooth, the next day I could see miles better than before the procedure and this continued to get better over the coming weeks. I did have a slight concern with the flap on my eyes over healing (note I do tend to over heal, for example Keloid scars) but this was closely monitored by the surgeon and luckily was very minimal. The surgeon was excellent in that, he wanted to ensure everything was ok and saw me 3 times before discharging me. I found him very approachable, had a few jokes and communication was excellent, this is key to any procedure and feels you with confident in their abilities.

I would highly recommend, Its awesome waking up in the morning and to be able to see straight away, no more having to reach for glasses, glasses steaming up, changing contact lenses, having to take contact lenses out when swimming… just awesome!

To recap the client and surgeon I used were:

Clinic: Optimax, Maidstone
Surgeon: Dr Amir Mani – Optimax profile | LinkedIn profile
Procedure: Wavefront Designed LASIK IntraLase

If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a comment.

  • S K

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your post, I was trying to find out about Dr A Mani before taking any decision , as I am bit too much nervous towards surgery, surprisingly could not found much review for the doctor as compare to Dr Manek Patel, possibly after the surgery I will also post review and help other people to know more about the procedure and about Doctor. How your vision is now, must be 20/20, I don’t want to wear glasses after spending so much money and scary surgery.

    Also would you mind to give some referral so that I can get some discount? Do u work with O___e, just wondering I know someone with the same name but indirect friend.


    • Hi SK,

      My vision is still the same 20/20 and it was a good decision. I put of the idea of having it done due to one pair of eyes etc.. but glad I asked friends for feedback that had the procedure done and consultation put me at ease.

      Drop me a mail (about page) regarding referral and what’s involved, regarding do I work for… I’m not sure what that is so I guess the answer is no. 🙂

      • SK

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for your reply, its relieving for me, hope I will be benefitted with the treatment.

        I am not sure how to send an email to you, I mean can’t notice any email id in your website, can you tell me please so that I can pass the details to you.


        • SK

          just check with them referral is not applicable for me but thank you very much.